Overall event sponsorship package

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We have a good grasp of our audience because  this is not our first time hosting an event or  been affiliated in one. The target audience is a  clientele that they willing to purchase an item at  any cost.


Increased sales, loyal clients and distributors morale and this will be effective  because of the marketing strategies we  will set in place to ensure every participant  in the event go home happy

The individual sponsorship opportunities presented throughout this piece can be combined to create a customized sponsorship package to ensure you achieve your goals and objectives for the event and get maximum exposure for your company.

Sponsor Level Investment

Premier level.....................$100,000 and above

Platinum ......... $50,000 - $90,000

Gold level........ $25,000 - $50,000

Silver level............................. $10,000


No. of tickets to be sold is 200 which  will also be redeemable of a product  from the title sponsor and other two  sponsors associated.


To increase awareness about  autism and also brand awareness  to all corporates associated in the  event and also the audience.

Potential partners


Special Event Sponsorship

Taste of luxury will feature a nightlife and networking experience in form of an after party. This private party will be open to the patrons during the last three to four hours of the event.

This sponsorship will include the following visibility and activation:

  • 30 invited sponsor guests.
  • Opportunity to provide product activation as an event brand sponsor.
  • All hour sponsor advertisement on video-board and LCD screens.
  • Sponsor logo included in event website.
  • Inclusion in any-in-venue branding and promotional reels.

Please check with your event representative for party sponsorship customization and other brand activation opportunities available for this party packages.


Utilize these proven and effective opportunities to get your message out to registered and prospective attendees prior to the event to promote your presence and invite our guests to your presentation at the show.

Don`t miss out on your opportunity to gain valuable brand exposure and visibility at the event by utilizing our on-site sponsorship to attract the attention of our attendees at the event.

Special events sponsorship offer a company unique exposure in-front of a captive audience.

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