The Setup

It is a black and white affair with a twist of gold color to bring out the luxury. The dress code for the day is casual smart, for the kings, a suit and tie wear is accepted. The decor set up will depict the elegant gold theme. TASTE OF LUXURY will be held in Windsor golf club, which is an award winning golf club and prominent in the global market on DECEMBER. The event will bring hundreds of industry professionals from every corner of the country and East Africa as a whole to Windsor to experience luxury and discover new trends.

As a sponsor and exhibitor, you`ve taken the first step towards reaching your buyers at one of the most lucrative events in Kenya. One of the best way to maximize that Return On Investment is by stabilizing a combination of the different visibility and sponsorship opportunities available to you at the event. By utilizing these different opportunities, you can give your brand exposure. Prior to, during and after the show.

Event Concept

The ‘’ TASTE OF LUXURY’’ is a curated luxury event designed to resemble the minds of the opulent exhibiting, autos, fashion, fine art and collectibles. Guests can enjoy world class gourmet food, champagne and experience entertainment that hinges on jazz and orchestra quartets among other specials. With RSVP at 10,000 and corporate table at 100,000 the hospitality experience will span across valet services & concierge, providing clients with the utmost grand elixir. The event believes commerce to be the lifeblood of the region and business the engine of economic growth, with this in mind, there will be networking sessions and demo presentations enabling sponsors to close valuable business during the event. The primary purpose of the event is to raise awareness among autistic children. The main beneficiary is Fairmile Academy , an institution dedicated to cater for the needs of this young and talented group.

Event Activities

1.Live Auctions.


3.Luxury Brand Showcase.

4.Interactive Food & Drinks.


6.Red Carpet.

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